Tom Brown’s Restaurant is a premium steak and seafood restaurant. Enjoy tantalizing food creations, handcrafted cocktails, delicious desserts, and true southern hospitality! Several components work together to make your experience at Tom Brown’s unparalleled. First, we pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality steak and seafood. Second, our restaurant design is next level beautiful and unique. Your Tom Brown’s experience will be amazing! 



As a steak and seafood restaurant, we pride ourselves on the quality of beef we serve. Our steaks are the BEST! Tom Brown’s Restaurant strives to serve the highest quality possible, and we’ve done just that with our steak offerings. We proudly serve Certified Angus Beef ®. Their slogan is “If it’s not certified, it’s not the best.” This slogan stands true! 

All steaks are wet-aged for a minimum of 21 days. Plus, our staff hand cuts each steak! At Tom Brown’s, we let the steaks shine. First, we season our steaks lightly and chargrill them to perfection. Then, we top it off with our house-made TB Herb Butter.  

Why did Tom Brown decide to serve Certified Angus Beef ®? That’s a swift, easy answer. Quality, plain and simple! The quality sets Certified Angus Beef ® apart from other beef brands. Only truly elite beef surpasses the USDA’s stringent Prime standards AND meets all 10 of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s quality specifications. Only 3% of beef achieves the high standards of Certified Angus Beef ® brand Prime. Marbling is key to its incredible flavor and tenderness. If you haven’t tried a steak from Tom Brown’s, you are truly missing out! Make your reservation NOW!

Click here to learn more about Certified Angus Beef ®



Fresh, never frozen seafood is our specialty. Tom Brown’s seafood selection is flown in weekly from as far as Honolulu, Hawaii. Each fish is hand-cut and cooked to perfection.

Fresh fish options change weekly depending on availability. Weekly offerings have included: Sea Bass, Halibut, King Salmon, Red Snapper, Swordfish, Ono, Mahi-Mahi, and Barramundi.

Tom and Ashley Brown love enjoying fresh seafood, and they wanted to offer that to the communities where their restaurants are located. Tom Brown’s partners with a company that supports local fishers to provide the freshest selection available. Once caught in the local waters, the fish is flown to our restaurant locations.



Ashley Brown is the visionary behind the design and aesthetic of each restaurant. An ample amount of time goes into planning and executing such unique spaces. Color, texture, artwork, lighting, and many more aspects are responsible for creating the mood and overall design.

While both restaurants offer the same great menu options, southern hospitality, and a relaxed atmosphere, the design, color palette, and ambiance create a different, unique experience at each restaurant. Our concept is to offer patrons an escape. When you step into our restaurants, you know you will enjoy a delicious, top-quality meal while also being transported to another place. A place that is one of a kind, where you feel at ease and creates lasting memories.



Tom Brown’s cocktails are one of a kind and delicious! Our bartenders used their creativity and knowledge to cultivate a fantastic cocktail menu. In typical Tom Brown’s fashion, only the best ingredients are used when creating each cocktail.

Not into cocktails? We have you covered! Our wine selection is vast + robust, and we have over 20+ draft beer offerings.



Tasty is all we have to say about the desserts we offer at Tom Brown’s! Our selection is extensive, and every dessert deserves a round of applause. Each item is distinctive and incredibly delicious. Dessert is genuinely the best way to end your night at Tom Brown’s Restaurant.